Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Materialities (transmission/translation)

( 60 ECTS Credits )

The course Materialities will in an exploratory way put emphasis on experience and practical knowledge in the encounter with philosophical and theoretical thought. The motivation behind the course is to create an experimental and investigative environment where the techniques of making oscillate between the analogue and the digital, where translations between ideas and matter or the reshaping of volume and substance, are in focus for reflection and transfer of knowledge. Transformations can happen by finding other solutions and through unexpected results that provide new experiences, or in the transmission between media that generates a ‘glitch’ or a perfect finish. Through engaging in recurrent artistic discussions based in practical work, we will extend our understanding.

Technologically complex processes, like laser cutting and 3D printing, ultimately perform the basic operations of addition and subtraction, molding and cutting, which are the foundation of the hylemorphist paradigm; the Aristotelian division of matter (hyle) and form (morphé). Nevertheless, the transmissions and translations involved in the aforementioned technologies seem to imply a more accurate account of the intricate relation between matter and form, with mutual determinations in process and outcome. The availability in KKH of these technologies motivates the proposal of this course with experimental vocation, in which practical translation from one technology to another, from analog to digital and back, will result in a reflection on the relation with the technical, the mistranslation and the glitch. In the course, the term translation will be used in its double meaning of conversion of one language or medium into another and of movement of a body from one point of space to another. After all, is not the structural characteristic of the technologies of scanning and printing that they proceed in linear movements? is not the vector an analogy of the way of rendering form in these translation processes? The course will explore these concepts in a praxis-based proposal, accompanied by lectures which will give a particular context to the search and by periodical assessments by faculty staff of KKH.

Course content
Materialities (transmission / translation) is a one-year full-time course on the advanced level that is primarily open to artists with a few years of professional experience. Within the course, different aspects of transmission and translation between digital and analogue technology (and vice versa) will be studied and explored. The course intends to create conditions for an experimental milieu where the exploration of form, ideas, matter and media, can interact and support the artistic process.

The course contains both practical and theoretical elements and gives an overview of contemporary digitally operated techniques such as CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D-scanning, 3D-printing and other techniques that are useful in artistic processes.

The course is based on practical exercises and independent work as well as lectures and seminars.

Course structure
Scheduled activities will take place once a month and in a workshop block of 3-5 days. There are four blocks in the autumn, and five blocks during the spring semester. Practical exercises are interwoven with seminars and lectures. Between the intensive sessions held at the school, the student undertakes independent studies based on set assignments and preparations for the next coming workshop days. At the beginning of the Autumn semester, there will be a study trip within Sweden and the costs are partly covered by the student. The course concludes with a public presentation of the individual project based on the course content.

Course syllabus Materialities 2018 2019


Level: Post-master
Requirements: Master of Fine Arts or equivalent experience
Application Deadline: 25 april 2018 kl 13.00
ECTS Credits: 60
Programme Length: 1 Academic Year
Teaching Language: English