Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Summer Course 2018

( 18 ECTS Credits )

This year’s Summer Course at KKH takes place 4 June to 26 August, 18 ECTS. The course is led by Tomas Elovsson and starts with a seminar, where the supervisor presents the project for the group and discusses individual study plans and the implementation of the project.
Then follows your individual work and supervision in the form of studio visits. At the end of the course, students present their work in an informal exhibition or equivalent. This will take place in KKH’s premises. After the projects have been presented, the group reflects on strengths and weaknesses of the works.


Level: Undergraduate
Requirements: Minimum of 60 ECTS in Fine Arts
Application Deadline: 25 April
ECTS Credits: 18
Programme Length: 4 June - 26 August
Teaching Language: Swedish and English


Acceptance is based on the proposal for individual study plan that is included in the application.

Course content

The student describes himself in an individual study plan based on the prerequisite presented at the beginning of the course. The student then formulates the questions, processes and theoretical aspects that concern the project the student will implement.

The course aims at:

– Reflection on the student’s own artistic practice, through analysis, critical thinking and creation.
– To promote the ability to realize ideas through creative and critical reflection.
– Presentation of the student’s work.

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

– establish and follow their own individual study plan
– be able to formulate ideas related to the student’s own artistic practice
– reflect on the artistic production from a critical perspective
– account for their own work process
– communicate ideas to the students in the student group
– account for choices and strategies in connection with the presentation of the completed work

The course comprises the following parts:
Group Seminar
Own artistic work
Group exhibition / presentation
Group Criticism

Forms for assessing student achievement

Exhibition / presentation of the project, as well as oral presentation and participation in a final criticism,
which clearly indicates that you have achieved the learning objectives of the course.


Apply with proposals on individually designed studies/projects for the study period (one A4 page). Work samples do not need to be uploaded.

Follow this link to the application page.external link, opens in new window

Course syllabus – Summer course 18-19