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Rutiga golvet – A Communion of Spirits: on Another Roadmap for Arts Education

Image: Christian Nyampeta, course work by students of the Nyundo Art School, presented during the International Meeting of Another Roadmap School, Huye, Rwanda, 2018.

Image: Christian Nyampeta, course work by students of the Nyundo Art School, presented during the International Meeting of Another Roadmap School, Huye, Rwanda, 2018.

Welcome to the Royal Institute of Art for the third episode of School of Monuments, season 2 of the Rutiga Golvet program:

A Communion of Spirits: on Another Roadmap for Arts Education
Christian Nyampeta and Lineo Segoete

Please join us at Rutiga Golvet for a session with Christian Nyampeta and Lineo Segoete, who will reflect on their respective contributions to the Nyanza Working Group and the Maseru Working Group of Another Roadmap School for Arts Education.

The international network Another Roadmap School for Arts Education is a collective of practitioners and researchers working towards formal and informal art education as an engaged practice in museums, cultural institutions, educational centres, and grassroots organisations in twenty-two cities on four continents.

For this session, titled A Communion of Spirits, Nyampeta and Segoete will present their work with an “Exhibition Kit” for the initiative. The future kit will contain the graphic materials for the display of global history (Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline); records of working processes and documentation materials; as well as examples of the artistic and pedagogic activation of the hi/stories of arts education of all partners of the international team.

At Rutiga Golvet, material for exhibition will include: printed elements and timelines by the Johannesburg Working Group, whose work is informed by the members’ appreciation of the histories and contemporary relevance of the Medu Art Ensemble—an anti-apartheid collective of artists and musicians; drafts of “learning units” and timelines in progress by the Nyanza Working Group that chart the Rwandan intellectual histories and their intertwinement with Christianity; a timeline overviewing the aesthetic histories in Congo with a particular focus on former Leopoldville by the Lubumbashi Working Group; and a research manual for “decolonising” art education by the Kampala Working Group, authored through a sustained period of collaborative academic research with the Nnagenda Institute of Art and Design.

Christian Nyampeta convenes the Nyanza Working Group of Another Roadmap School for Art Education. He is in Stockholm to present his most recent film, Sometimes It Was Beautiful, produced by Tensta konsthall. The film stages fictional events surrounding Sven Nykvist’s first movie, an ethnographic film made in Congo in 1948. Nyampeta is completing his PhD in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London. Lineo Segoete is a creative who engages in writing, research, and photography. She is the co-founder and co-director of Ba re e ne re Literary Arts—an independent association that promotes critical literacy through creative writing and storytelling; co-convener of the Another Roadmap Africa Cluster; and a 2016–17 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow from Vanderbilt University in the USA. Her time there was focused on professional development and academic study related to education administration and policy.

This episode of School of Monuments is organized in collaboration with Tensta Konsthall.

About School of Monuments
The program at Rutiga Golvet during the 2018/19 academic year addresses purposes and models of art education in relation to the public role of art and artists. The role of the art school will be discussed in a situation of possibility, as the RIA is currently in a process of transformation and reassessment of its institutional mission. In the bigger picture, we are facing a crisis of cultural and democratic institutions, which requires radical and imaginative responses. During most of the twentieth century, the RIA housed what was called Monumentalskolan (School of Monuments), a department where artists were educated in techniques destined for public use, assuming a role of the artist different from the modernist conception that informs the institutional structure of most contemporary Western art schools. The program School of Monuments at Rutiga Golvet will speculatively draw on the history of this department, as a shadow that haunts the school, or even as its repressed other. Speakers at School of Monuments will discuss what students become by attending an art school, and what the art school becomes by attending to the needs of contemporary culture and to a continuing reassessment of tradition.

The Rutiga Golvet program is organized by guest professors Stefanie Hessler, Lars Bang Larsen, and Kim West.


Start Time: 2018-11-22 17:00
End Time: 2018-11-22 20:00
Location: The Royal Institute of Art / Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.