Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Filippa Arrias

Researcher (2018-2020)

Paramaribostorken flög sin kos och kom aldrig tillbaka – Transformationen som den Andre

In the artistic research project, The Stork from Paramaribo Flew Away Never to Return – Transformation as “the Other”, I will advance my inquiries into how a content/subject matter transforms by being translated in-between different artistic medias and materials. By reflecting an inherited ”hi-Story”, at the time fictional as well as real, I will use both painting, documentation and writing to express different aspects of that same story. My intention is to relieve the polyphony of ”the Story”, by stressing the coherence in-between the specificity of the media and its way of interpretation. The specific qualities that signify a certain media or material, thus decide its validity. I focus on the materialities of painting as the means of expression in my research. The artistic process loads as well as defuses the different materials in its strive to make sense to the content. The factual qualities of the materials as well as their symbolical connotations blend into an ongoing dialogue. In my research project painting and the palimpsestic qualities of the media represent the figuration of time, memory and imagination.

Funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Filippa Arrias, Vera and I