Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Mejan occupies Moderna

The Royal Institute of Art is well represented at the Modern Museeum Exhibition 2018: nine former students, one present and one doctoral student.

Emanuel Almborg, PhD student at The Royal Institute of Art contributes with the videoart “Talking Hands”. The work deals with the Zagorsk school for the deaf and blind in Moscow, where students learn a hands-on language that helps to reduce their isolation. He investigates historical and educational methods. Methods that develop sense of mind and learning on children’s terms.
“It’s extra fun that the video is showing at Mejan,” says Emanuel.
“It has attracted a lot of attention abroad and it feels good to show it in Stockholm and so close to school. As a PhD student, it is important to contribute in the conversation about education and teaching and that is what the work is about.

Sophie Vuković, born in 1988 in Zagreb, represents RIA as a student. She reflects on her life in the movie Shapeshifters: “You can not lose a home if you never had one. How can you get lost if there was never a starting point to start with? ”
The film gives voice to all those who feel that they are “inbetween” – a state that also appears as the movie swings between different languages ​​and genres.

The modern exhibition is a recurring exhibition format with about 30-50 exhibiting artists. Every four years you have the chance to accompany the museum’s review of the contemporary Swedish art scene. The first edition of the Moderna Museet Exhibition was carried out in 2006. The Moderna Museet exhibition in 2018 includes both a major exhibition and a performance program, film shows and artist talks.

Representatives from the Royal Institute of Art at the Moderna Museet Exhibition:
Emanuel Almborg (PhD student)
Rebecca Digby
Thomas Hämén
Éva Mag
Tor-Finn Malum Fitje
Anna-Karin Rasmusson
Cara Tomie (Mejan Resident)
Anna Uddenberg
John Willgren
Sophie Vukovic (current student)
Meriç Algün