Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Oscar Lara

(PhD candidate 2016-)

Engaging for a Revolutionary Future

’At the time of an apparent unwanted but inevitable globalisation the appetite for producing artistic projects questioning capital models, condemning postcolonial relationships or supporting mistreated minorities, is enormous. But why are we really doing this? How is social practice impacting the human groups to whom we so broadly profess to help? And who really benefits from these exchanges?

Engaging for a Revolutionary Future investigates existing strategies within social practice, analysing the outcomes for understanding its real significance on the societies that it touches. From there on, the project will propose new ways of artistic production that could reach structural change without having to commit to the time-consuming processes that strategic models have followed, but still go further than just generating dialogues.’

Oscar Lara, Mining Life

Oscar Lara, Mining Life

Collaboration between the Royal Institute of Art and Lund University.