Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Karin Hansson

 (PhD Candidate 2009-2015)

Accommodating differences:
Power, belonging and representation online

Karin Hansson is an artist and PhD candidate at the Department of Computer & Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University and in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art. Her doctoral project includes two art projects that deal with new forms of information and communication technology. The aim is to find out how artists’ practices have been influenced by digital technologies in particular. The goal is to understand how a culture like the art world adjusts itself to external changes such as new technology and to develop new strategies for art in the public sphere. The project also explores the art exhibition as a qualitative research method.

Karin Hansson’s PhD defense was held at 13.00, 20 March 2015 at Stockholm University/DSV.

Link to doctoral thesis.

Karin Hansson, 'The 'Affect Machine Historical Archive', Tekniska museet, 2014, Photo: Åsa Andersson-Broms

Karin Hansson, The Affect Machine Historical Archive, Tekniska museet, 2014, Photo: Åsa Andersson-Broms