Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Sculpture Modeling with a Digital Touch

During 2017, the three-week course “Sculpture Modeling with a Digital Touch” was held. Students got to work with the oldest to the very latest available sculpture techniques.

The course was held by sculpture teacher Guangjuan Zhang, teacher of the 3D-Lab Esther Ericsson and VR consultant Martin Christensen. Due to request from students, this course has been extended from a 5 day course 2016 to a 3 week long intensive course 2017.

Participants were able to choose from a variety of organic and environmentally friendly media and techniques. The purpose of the course was to create shapes in three dimensions based on a living model. It was not just about figurative sculpture techniques, but also about experimenting with material combinations, compositions and the understanding of expressions in form and space.

The course began with an introduction to functional sketching for sculpture, which is used when learning modeling. In addition, participants were given the opportunity to experiment with different techniques, including different classical clay techniques, alginatemoulding, Papier-maché technique with potato flour, wax sculpture and plaster casting etc.

The 3D part, with Esther Ericsson and Martin Christensen, from the 3D lab, consisted in modeling live in 3D-DigitalClay software with tablets, VR-sculpting with reference pictures of model in VR, 3D scanning with different scanning techniques and 3D-printing what was scanned, modeled or made in VR.

After two weeks, the students skills in sculpture had increased. The final week they worked with their own projects under supervision and discussions.

Course evaluations from 2016 and 2017 have shown that it has been a very popular and appreciated course.