Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Lithography Workshop



In the lithography workshop, students work with planographic techniques, stone and plate lithography as well as monotypes, printed with hand presses or our offset press.

Courses offered

Each term there are introductory courses that introduce students to the lithography workshop, safety measures and the technique. Normally, an advanced course is offered each term, exploring a specialisation in lithography, either technical or conceptual. Much of the teaching is done on an individual basis. Guest teachers and lecturers in the field are regularly invited to the workshops.

The workshop hosts a powerful ventilation system; chemicals are stored in lockable, aired cupboards. We try to avoid using volatile solvents; all cleaning materials and products are vegetable oil-based bio-solvent.


Stone lithography, zinc plate lithography, photo-plate lithography, offset lithography, monotype.

The workshop comprises comprehensive handbooks on historical and contemporary techniques. We work closely with the library staff to ensure the availability of research resources.


Patrick Wagner, Lecturer in Fine Art



Lithography workshop

Exposure room (operated with Jenny Olsson)