Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Screen Printing Workshop

Screen printing is a technique suitable both for artistic and industrial printing, as the same printing method can be used on a variety of materials and with a large number of inks. The method has been widely used among activists as it enables swift production of small-edition posters or t-shirts. In the screen printing workshop, students can work with screen printing on paper and textiles, and prepare frames for printing on glass, plastic, metal, etc. Models are made directly on drawing film and digitally.


An introductory course in screen printing is offered each term and once a year there is an open workshop on a special theme. The workshop works continually with students in individual projects with an emphasis on individualised instruction and technical experiments.

The screen printing workshop strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All paints and inks are water-based, and paint separators are installed next to every sink. 

Teaching material

The workshop comprises an archive of screen prints, samples of various works and manuals for working in the screen printing workshop.


Maria Lilja, Lecturer in Fine Art

Equipment and techniques