Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

The Painting Studio

Painting embraces a broad field that touches on most of the visual arts. Despite this, there are basic principles for the medium that can provide a foundation for working with and refining the student’s own artistic expression. These include various materials and qualities like colour, light, texture and thickness that, in turn, can be read as materiality but also as representation of “something else”.

The borderland between image and painting is historically predicated and it approaches fundamental issues like representation, context and ideational content that are all preconditions for artistic expression and for our understanding/interpretation of such expression.

The direct address that both artist and beholder are faced with make painting an open and accessible medium at the same time that its historic roots allow it rich interpretative possibilities.

Painting is often the bearer of an alternatively imagined you or I and thus can serve as communication or an object of transition for our dreams and ideas in a very direct manner.

Within the general framework of the painting studio there are seminars, lectures, workshops and courses in painting and related fields.

Activities at the studio are intended to stimulate general discussion of painting among the students. The studio welcomes student initiatives and seeks to accommodate them as they turn up.

Scheduled activities are, currently, the Wednesday seminar and Tuesday’s drawing class, but there are more specific courses on various relevant subjects.

Regular students can also book the painting studio on level 4 for their own major projects for three-week periods.

Recurring activities

Group critiques with the students, often in the presence of an invited external artist.

Open lectures by visiting artists from Sweden and abroad.

Week-long workshops with artists invited for their specific approach to the media.

Term- or year-long seminar series on specific themes, text seminars, lectures and visits to artists, exhibitions, public artworks, etc. (Previous themes include: Abstraction, Photography and Painting, Materiality, The Icon within Painting).

Courses researching perception both in theory and practice, space, colour and light in relation to a specific place. (For example the month-long ‘The Colour in the Room’)

Recently we have collaborated with other institutions, examining exhibition spaces in relation to painting. This has been realised in year-long courses leading up to larger exhibitions in Stockholm or abroad.

Short-term technique courses are organised (tempera, watercolour, model drawing), always in accordance to what the students are currently interested in. The studio welcomes student initiatives and seeks to accommodate them accordingly

The Painting Studio also collaborates with the Material Institute at the Royal Institute of Art to provide hands-on knowledge on how to produce and understand your own material and techniques. Whenever possible, courses are planned and run together with other Royal Institute of ARt staff members.


Filippa Arrias, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art