Application open to the Summer course at the Royal Institute of Art

On March 23, the application opens for the Summer course at the Royal Institute of Art The application closes on April 20. The purpose of the course is to achieve individual artistic development through critical reflection on one’s own artistic practice and work process.

Course Dates: June 8 – August 30 (12 weeks)

Scope: Full-time, 18 ECTS credits

Course contents

The course is based on the student’s formulated individual study plan in which the questions, processes and theoretical aspects of the student´s own artistic work is presented . The course begins with an individual supervision meeting during which the individual study plan is discussed, revised and established The student then works individually based on his / her own study plan. Individual supervision takes place on two additional compulsory occasions.

The course ends with a compulsory written assignment in which questions, objectives and conclusions on their own work are presented . The compulsory written assignment corresponds to two weeks of full-time work.

Link to the course syllabus