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Artistic Research and Development Projects

The Royal The Royal Institute of Art has during its history engaged with different forms of artistic research and development work. The aim is to experiment with the processes and possibilities for artistic formation and articulation that exist within, between and beyond fine art, architecture and conservation architecture.

The artistic research and development projects contribute to the educational programmes at the school through exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures and seminars. Projects are undertaken by faculty and students on the postgraduate level.

Ongoing Projects:

Petra Bauer, Exchanging Letters as a Form of Resistance: or on how art can be used to express solidarity in thinking and practice
Susanna Jablonski, Cara Tolmie, The Gender of Sound
Oscar Lara, Searching Power on the Collective Laugh (+ 2019)
Frida Sandström, Aleksei Borisionok, Cara Tolmie, The Glossary of the Event

Emanuel Almborg; The Politics of Perezhivanie 
Kajsa Dahlberg, Hundreds of Little Machines
Benas Gerdziunas, Revolution in built form: Analysing Architecture and Urbanism in Syrian Rojava
Radoslav Istok, Natalia Rebelo, MarieLouise Richards, Spaces of Care, Freedom and Desire. Tactics of Minority Space-Making
Mourad Kouri, Alba Baeza, Shared Strategies: Art and Crisis
Tatiana Letier Pinto, Tove Möller & Astrid Eriksson, Map on Politics of Space
Sigrid Sandström, Jenny Kalliokulju, Vägskäl och sidospår – empiri, erfarenhet och upplevelse i den konstnärliga processen

Mouna Abdelkadous, The Orientalism of the Kasbah of Algiers
Hannah Clarkson, Esther de Groot, Synonyms for Shelter
Nadia Hebson, Destroy, She Said. Expanded Legacies, Mentors and Confidantes
Anna Knappe, Amir Jan, Warland
Oscar Lara, Searching Power on the Collective Laugh (+ 2017)
Carlota Mir, Alba Folgado, My Friend is Here: On Feminist Pedagogies, Curating and Other Forms of Living in The Feminine Plural
Samuel Richter, Den dokumentära teaterns estetiska strategier: för en samtida informations- och dokumentkritisk konstnärlig arbetsform.