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The board is appointed by the Ministry of Education for the period May 1 2017 – April 30 2020:


Director of the Swedish Institute in Paris, Ewa Kumlin

Vice Chancellor
Sara Arrhenius

Ass. University Director at Uppsala University, Therése Iveby Gardell
Representative Labour Union ST-ATF, Göran Svennborn
Representative Labour Union, SACO-S, Åsa Andersson
Fund Director, Mats Wallenius
Designer, Tom Hedqvist
Director General, Joakim Stymne
Culture Consultant, Annika Levin
Teacher representative, Carl Johan Erikson
Teacher representative, Cecilia Sagrén
Teacher representative, Sigrid Sandström
Professor in Aestetics at Södertörns University, Cecilia Sjöholm
Student representative, Radoslav Istok
Student representative, Salad Hilowle
Student representative, Tora Schultz Larsen
Managing Director, Lars Nittve

Acting member of the Board
Head of Administration, Anna Wennergrund
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Fredrik Ehlin
Secretary of the Board, Emelie Bergslätt