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Courses 2019-2020

The Royal Konsthögskolan erbjuder utbildningar på grundnivå och post-masternivå i fri konst, samt kurser på post-masternivå i arkitektur.

Composing/Public/Space ll

This course is cancelled

In September 2018 the Royal Institute of Art, launched the new advanced level practice-based course Compoing/Public/Space, which has a new admission for the academic year 2019-2020. The course takes the form of practice-led research in and around the wider landscape of contemporary sonic practices (new and contemporary music, performance, sound art, etc.)


Materialities – Coordinates: mapping as translation, 60 ECTS- credits, is a one year post-master course which is predominantly practical. The course explores the transmission between materiality and immateriality through digital and analogue techniques where different aspects of dimensions are shaped. By letting one’s artistic practice search through various forms of imaginary rooms and techniques, conditions for playful laboratory work with perception and imagination are created. Through practical investigative elements such as the techniques in photogrammetry, 3D, Virtual Reality, moving image, soundscapes, projection mapping and photography, new knowledge will be gained as the participants engage in practical and technical problem-solving. Analogies will be drawn from the different work processes, generating a theoretical approach extracted from the praxis. After each practical element there will be time for reflection, where observations and experiences are shared within the group. Integrated in the practical parts are meetings with other professionals within philosophy, practical knowledge, computer visualization, etc., with the aim to develop an understanding of other mediums, techniques and languages.

Decolonizing Architecture

Education is once again at the forefront of the political struggle for justice and equality. In the last years, new programs and schools, self-organized and project based learning environments focused on art and architecture have emerged, as well as structural reforms within formal education institutions. In these areas, there is a development of experimental and collective spaces to acknowledge forms of artistic research and knowledge production grounded in practice, context and lived experience and connected to social struggles in societies. Architectural knowledge in these collective learning environments have been deployed both as an analytic tool to redefine conceptual categories of the present and also as pragmatic and material form of activist spatial intervention.

Negotiating Artistic Values – Art and Architecture in the Public Sphere

This course will bring together 15 professional practitioners interested in exploring the intersection of art and architecturein the public sphere. As a group we will identify and discuss different languages, tools and artistic methods that could allow practitioners to influence the development of a project in the beginning, middle and end stages, including forming the agenda and asserting critical questions.

The Art of Restoration: Structures of Democracy (60hp)

The Art of Restoration course is a one-year advanced-level program. It provides enhanced expertise for professionals active in the field of architecture and the built environment. Through the city block Krubban at Östermalm in Stockholm, we explore the built cultural heritage as a resource and engine for social development, the restoration art as the art of changing without destroying. It concerns questions from material and methodology to landscape and urban planning.