Course visit to Palermo. Decolonizing Architecture, december 2017.

The course Decolonizing Architecture, led by Professor Alessandro Petti, will participate in this years Manifesta12 in Palermo, Italy this summer. The contribution will take the form of a discursive exhibition during the opening in Palermo in June , and a preview in Stockholm at the Galleri Mejan, May 24.
”The attendance at Manifesta12 offers RIA students the possibility to show and discuss their projects in international platforms, making RIA research available to international public. The format of a discursive exhibition aims to mobilise the artistic research developed during the course towards a broader public engagement by maximising the interaction of teaching and research, and foresting an experimental approach to pedagogy” says Alessandro Petti, Professor in Architecture and Social Justice at the Royal Institute of Art.
In preparation of Manifesta12, the Decolonizing Architecture course conducted the first site visit to the city and the core of Europe’s migrant crisis.  With the arrival of populations from north and east Africa – and the re-emergence of today’s fascist ideologies in Europe –  it becomes urgent to ask: How the material traces of the Italian empire today acquire different meanings in the context of migration from the ex-colonies?  During the opening of Manifesta in Palermo, the students of Decolonizing Architecture tackle this question with a discursive-exhibition.

Course visit to Palermo. Decolonizing Architecture, december 2017

The full schedule included meetings with various art collectives in Palermo, a site visit to utopian architecture, and subsequently, criminality-tormented Zona Espansione Nord (ZEN), abandoned heritage in the old town, as well as explorations of Arab-Norman legacy under UNESCO World Heritage framework and the visit to the “Casa del Mutilato” a fascist building designed by Giuseppe Spatrisano and inaugurated by Benito Mussolini in 1936. Among the invited guests: Lorenzo Romito (Stalker), Isshaq Al Barbary (Campus in Camps), Valentina Sansone, Valentina Mandalari, Stefania Galegati, and many others

Manifesta is the European Nomadic Biennial, held in a different host city every two years. It is a major international art event, attracting visitors from all over the world. Manifesta is the go-to place for discovering emerging artists, thought-provoking ideas, new artworks especially commissioned for the event, and creative experiences in dialogue with spectacular locations of each host city. Since 1996, Manifesta based itself in various cities around the globe, before settling in Palermo for the 2018 edition.
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