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Domain of the Great Bear

The Domain of the Great Bear was a research platform of the Royal Institute of Art organised by Marta Kuzma, RIA’s former Rector, as a series of public lectures, workshops and events focusing on art, art production, and the changing conditions for that production to address the challenges for anyone claiming the category of artist.

[read_more title=”read more”]The title of the series comes from the canonical 1966 layout by Mel Bochner and Robert Smithson. The platform pays homage to Bochner’s wish to ‘expand the range of philosophical, psychological, political and visual ideas that one’s work could engage’. Locating New York’s Hayden Planetarium as both the subject and the decoy of the work, the project served to plant ‘an intellectual time bomb inside the art system’s machinery’ – as a way to, according to the artists ‘search for the grin without the cat’. The Domain of the Great Bear serves the RIA’s institutional will to plant within the public domain a set of attitudes about art, architecture, knowledge and culture that extend from historicity forwards, and vice versa to serve as a larger conversation piece about anything that claims itself a part of or beyond the art world.[/read_more]