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Architecture and Critical Studies

Vida Lavén MA 2018–2019. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

Critical Studies

In critical studies, a subject-area’s history, theory, and discourse are examined. Here, important concerns include meaning and representation, as well as the influence of different ideologies and power-structures on the subject-area.

Critical studies are a foundational part of the education at the Royal Institute of Art. Students will gain knowledge of art theory, art history, the science of art, and literary composition.

Architecture and Art

Our freestanding courses at the advanced level contain components in both architecture and public art. Recurring courses include Architectural Conservation, Decolonizing Architecture, and Of Public Interest.

An important basis for experimentation and innovation to take place at the advanced-level of education is for teachers and students who have managed to reach different lengths in their professional lives and artistic careers to share their knowledge with one another.

Lifelong Learning

Our freestanding courses at the advanced level provide a center for lifelong learning and constant development of skills, all of which contributes to the development of the entire field of Swedish art and architecture.

Here, students from different disciplines meet to develop ideas and discover new approaches. Together, they explore how the city and its environment, architecture, and history can best be utilized in the future. Field trips and exchanges with other cultural environments are an important part of the courses. The students’ projects often live on and become new, independent developments outside the purview of the Royal Institute of Art.

Area Manager: Cecilia Sagrén