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Governance Policy

How Operations are Managed

The Royal Institute of Art’s governance policy describes and regulates how our operations should be carried out. The Royal Institute of Art is a state authority, and our policy determines the laws and regulations that apply to public programming.

Rules of Procedure

The rules of procedure (pdf) regulate what the Royal Institute of Art’s organization looks like. It clarifies how overall tasks should be delegated within the organization, who is allowed to make decisions on various issues, and how decisions are to be handled and documented.

Employment Policy

The employment policy (pdf) describes what rules apply to the hiring of teachers, as well as researchers and doctoral students. It also states how recruitment processes are decided upon. The Royal Institute of Art’s recruitment process should be transparent and clear. The Academic Appointments Board’s duties are also defined here, as well as how a promotion may take place.

Admissions Policy

The admissions policy (pdf) describes the rules that apply to the application, eligibility, and exemption from eligibility conditions. It states how the admissions selection should be made and what applies in terms of deferral and leaves of absence from study. In addition, it clarifies how decisions about admissions and exceptions from the eligibility requirements are made, and how decisions may be appealed.

Degree Policy

The degree policy (pdf) describes which degrees are given at the Royal Institute of Art, and how degrees and diplomas are issued.

Governance Policy, in Swedish
Arbetsordning (pdf)
Anställningsordning (pdf)
Antagningsordning (pdf)
Examensordning (pdf)