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Fine Arts Program

Two Programs

The Royal Institute of Art offers two programs: the five-year program in Fine Arts (300 credits) and the Master’s program in Fine Arts (120 credits). The Master’s program follows the model of the 4th and 5th years of the five-year program.

The Fine Arts programs at the Royal Institute of Art differs from many other types of studies. A large part of the time consists of long courses in individual artistic work. Students can work in the studio, in one of the school’s many workshops (where teaching staff are on site for guidance), or apply for a freestanding course. The student determines the program’s content together with their tutor. The fact that the student creates their own way through the program means more freedom, but also more responsibility.

Individual Artistic Work

For five-year Fine Arts students, it is compulsory to hold at least two studio talks and participate in at least four group sessions per semester. These activities are led by the tutor, who also examines the course “Individual Artistic Work”. Students who have the same tutor are part of a mixed-level tutorial group. Together with the group, the tutor plans tutorials that may include field trips, group critiques, or guest lectures.

Other Courses in the Program

Within the Fine Arts programs, each semester we offer a number of elective course components that our program-students can apply for based on their own needs and interests. The courses vary from semester to semester.

In addition to “Individual Artistic Work”, the five-year program includes other courses that sometimes run in parallel during the semester. This is what the layout looks like:

StudyAutumn TermSpring Term
1st Year
(Undergraduate level)
Individual Artistic Work 25.5 hp (credits)
Basic Course in Art History 4.5 hp
Individual Artistic Work 30 hp
2nd Year
(Undergraduate level)
Individual Artistic Work 30 hpIndividual Artistic Work 25.5 hp
Continuation Course in Art History 4.5 hp
3rd Year
(Undergraduate level)
Individual Artistic Work 30 hpIndividual Artistic Work 15 hp
Independent Work 15 hp
4th Year
(Advanced level)
Course in Art Theory 4.5 hp
Individual Artistic Work 25.5 hp
Individual Artistic Work 30 hp
5th Year
(Advanced level)
Independent Work 30 hpSolo Exhibition 20 hp
Master’s Thesis 10 hp

The course “Independent Work” in the 3rd year involves working towards a group exhibition, which also provides the basis for assessment at the Bachelor’s degree level.

In the 5th year all students write a Master’s thesis (10 credits) and participate in a solo exhibition (20 credits) at the Royal Institute of Art’s student gallery, Galleri Mejan. The 5th year is then concluded with another group exhibition, the Master’s degree show.