Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Negotiating Artistic Values – Art and Architecture in the Public Sphere

( Full-time 60 ECTS-credit course ECTS Credits )

22 July Memorial – Memory Wound. Illustration Jonas Dahlberg Studio.


The application for the academic year 2019/2020 is closed.

This course will bring together 15 professional practitioners interested in exploring the intersection of art and architecturein the public sphere. As a group we will identify and discuss different languages, tools and artistic methods that could allow practitioners to influence the development of a project in the beginning, middle and end stages, including forming the agenda and asserting critical questions. Through seminars, discussions and through engaging with the participants’ individual practices, the course will think through ways in which to perform artistic values and criticality. An interestingly complex task when faced with the various regulations, public policies, differing goals, attitudes and aesthetics of working in the public sphere.

The course is structured with the aim of having participants, individually or collaboratively, start and develop new projects, or continue to develop an existing project, within framework of the course. To help to facilitate this, the course will offer a group of working partners from various fields and perspectives who are interested in exploring the possibility of developing collaborations and realizing actual projects. These partners could include, for example, art institutions, architecture firms,developers or state organisations. At certain times the working partners will take part in lectures, seminars and discussions with the group, to both share insight into their ways of working, and to deepen their understanding of our methods and processes—and what these can productively contribute and lead toward.

The course hopes to gather a diverse group of people working with different approaches, as we believe different backgrounds and life experiences will enrich the learning experience and add an important quality to the course and the discussions that will be held within it.         


Course syllabus: Negotiating Artistic Values – Art and Architecture in the Public Sphere, 60 credits

Finance and Fees
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