Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Project Studies for Professional Artists

( 30 ECTS Credits )

Work by Victoria Verseau.

Project studies in Fine Arts are part of the RIA’s selection of courses on the advanced level. The course is geared towards professional artists, who will be provided with the opportunity to devote a semester / academic year to an individually designed artistic project. The spring semester 2019 project studies are offered in the following areas: glass, sculpture, and painting.


Level: Postgraduate
Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or the equivalent knowledge
Application Deadline: November 1 2018 13:00 (+1 GMT)
ECTS Credits: 30
Programme Length: 1 semester
Teaching Language: Swedish/ English depending on the participant. Project studies in painting is given in English.

The project studies provide an opportunity for professional artists to carry out an independent artistic project in a self-chosen area. In addition to working with their own project, the aim of the course is to develop the skills necessary to address advanced artistic problems in a creative way. The course participants will be challenged explore their artistic processes and formulate new sets of questions through their practice.

One can apply for project studies in one of the following areas of study:


The study area Glass is open for artists who would like to work on a project within the area of glass.
No previous knowledge of working in glass is required, but projects with an investigative work method are espeically welcomed. The workshop offers possibilities to work in a variety of techniques such as cold glass casting, fusing, glass enamel painting, lead mounting, blasting, bending and slumping. During the spring there is also the possibility to particiapte in a shorter basic course in flat-glass techniques within the framework of the project studies.


Within the study area Sculpture applications with innovative projects are prioritised. Previous knowledge is required. The workshop offers numerous opportunities for working and experimenting with three-dimensional objects. It is possible to work with materials such as Jesmonite, silicone, polymeric materials, plaster, wax and alginate.


The project studies within painting are aimed at professional artists. The project period includes
the possibility of tutorial conversations with the senior lecturer within the area and the possibility to
take part in the course elements offered within the area of painting. No studio is offered, but there
is a possibility to book a project room at certain periods during the semester. The project application should have a clearly formulated method and framing of a question. Experimental and innovative projects are prioritised. Instruction is given in English.

About the studies

Project course students work alongside students from different programmes and courses, which fosters an environment of exchange of experience, knowledge and critique. The supervisors are available with their technical and artistic expertise.

The practical work with your own project is in focus. There are supervising and seminars offered and you can also participate in regular lectures in art history and open lectures which are given during the spring.

At the end of the course, you will be able to present your work in the exhibition form.
Project students have where applicable access to a workshop place, but not a studio.