Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Galleri Mejan

Galleri Mejan, Royal Institute of Art, spring 2012. Photo: Petter Lehto

Galleri Mejan, spring 2012. Photo: Petter Lehto

Galleri Mejan is an experimental art space run by the Royal Institute of Art for the benefit of its students. The gallery exhibits the Master Degree Solo Shows in fine arts. As part of their course, students are responsible for montage and installation of their own exhibitions. A critical seminar, led by the student’s supervisor, is held in conjunction with each exhibition.

Current examination exhibitions with MFA Students

(Exhibition Openings are on Fridays at 17.00-21.00)


9-18 February: Axel Versteegh

23 February  – 4 March: Hinni Huttunen and Filippa Wikner

9-18 March: Lisa Vipola and Alexander Hult

23 March – 1 April: Olle Stjerne and Mourad Kouri

7-16 April: Ronja-Kim Pedersen and Ludmila Hraconova

20-29 April: Emma Sangberg and Christofer Degrér


Opening hours: Monday–Friday 12:00–18:00 and Saturday–Sunday 12:00–17:00
Address: Exercisplan 3, Skeppsholmen Find your way!

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