Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Research Week

Since 2011 the Royal Institute of Art hosts an annual and public Research Week. Artistic research and development projects are presented by faculty, doctoral candidates, researchers and other invited people.

Schedule summary – Royal Institute of Art’s Research Week 2019
All are welcome!

Complete programme: Research Week 2019 catalogue
Addition to the catalogue, Composing/Public/Space Open Door sessions, see below.

Monday 21 January

10.00-10.10 Vice-Chancellor Sara Arrhenius opens the Royal Institute of Art’s Research Week 2019. Location: Muralen (English)

10.10-11.15 Presentation and demonstration: Digital Wax, a wax 3D printer, Esther Ericsson, Ulrika Rosengren Gustafsson, Eric Cederberg, Location: Muralen (English) and Open house in the 3D Lab and Glass workshop until 15.30.

11.30-12.15 Presentation: Printmaking There (and Here), Jenny Olsson, Location: Muralen (English)

13.00-15.00 Performance-conversation-lecture: Klockspelet, Lina Bjerneld & Andreas Mangione, Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, Fatima Kassius, Sarali Borg. Location: Muralen (Swedish)

15.30-16.30 Presentation: A few thoughts on meaning and material in the artistic research project ”Paramaribostorken…”, Filippa Arrias. Artistic research project funded by the Swedish Research Council. Location: Muralen (English)

17.00-18.30 Film screening: K8 Hardy: Outfitumentary and reflection by Nadia Hebson. Location: Muralen (English)

Tuesday 22 January

11.00-12.00 Composing/Public/Space, Tarek Atoui and course participants: Alan Affichard, Julia Giertz, Ami Kohara, Ragnhild May, Rossana Mercado, Johanna Mårtensson, Igor Porte, Jeremiah Runnels. Location: Muralen (English).
A presentation by Atoui and members of C/P/S of their collective project THE GROUND: fractals and fundamental. Their talk at Muralen will be followed by an Open Door session and performative activation of THE GROUND at House 28 between 12.00-15.00.

13.00-14.30 Presentations: On the Right to the Image – Tensions between the Principle of Dignity and Freedom of Expression, course Critical Images: Gonçalo Birra, Julia Cernovskaja, Ania Domanska, Rodrigo Ferrada Stoehrel, Tuukka Haapakorpi, Amra Heco, Snövit Snow Hedstierna, Baptiste Jopeck, Siriol Joyner, Anna Knappe, Mateusz Kula, Charlotte Landelius, Gloria Luca (and Tudor Pătraşcu), Chafic Najem, Sofia Runarsdotter, Marie Silkeberg, Sandra Vitaljic. Introduction by Katarina Nitsch. Location: Muralen (English)

15.00-17.00 Presentations: course Decolonizing Architecture on the theme of UNAUTHORISED HERITAGE with questions about cultural heritage and colonialism:
Introduction by Alessandro Petti.
Rado Istok, Heavenly Bodies and Earthly Interests, Fascism and the Catholic Imagination
Roberta Burchardt, How to Inherit Colonial heritage, Acknowledging Ownership and Exploring Possibilities for Forms of Sharing in Contemporaneity?
Enrico Floriddia, Museo Coloniale (1904-1943), Museo Africano (1958-2011), – (2011- )
Mo Sirra, Why Authorising Heritage? Question the Nation
Location: Muralen (English)

18.00-19.30 Performance: Trialogue – A conversation between Lina Bo Bardi, Pietro Maria Bardi and Giuseppe Spatrisano, by Tatiana Letier Pinto. Location: Italienska Kulturinstitutet, Gärdesgatan 14, (English) RSVP:
Part of the Decolonizing Architecture programme.

Wednesday 23 January

10.00-20.00 Full day wih presentations and performances: Åsa Andersson Broms, Shiva Anoushirvani, Kalle Brolin, Nils Claesson, Åsa Elieson, Marie Gavois, Juanma González, George Kentros, Karin Hansson, Per Hasselberg, Ami Kohara, Gunnel Pettersson, Iris Smeds, Bogdan Szyber, Fredrik Söderqvist, and Work Hard! Play Hard! working group: Aleksei Borisionok, Olia Sosnovskaya, Nicolay Spesivtsev and Dzina Zhuk, and others.
For updates about this programme:
Work a Work, artistic research project funded by the Swedish Research Council.
Location: Muralen (English)

15.00-18.00 Open Door session – Composing/Public/Space, Tarek Atoui and 8 course participants: Alan Affichard, Julia Giertz, Ami Kohara, Ragnhild May, Rossana Mercado, Johanna Mårtensson, Igor Porte, Jeremiah Runnels. Presentation of THE GROUND: fractals and fundamental as installation and performative environment activated by members of C/P/S. Location: House 28 (English)

Thursday 24 January

11.00-12.00 Presentation and film screening, Direct Award Contracts for a Short Film about Medical Age Assessment, Carl Johan Erikson and Björn Larsson. Invited guest: Zanyar Adami, Journalist and Film director, shares a response to the book and film presented.
Artistic research project funded by the Swedish Research Council. Location: Muralen (English)

13.00-13.45 Non-Knowledge, Laughter and the Moving Image presents:
Lecture: On the Connections of the Lived-body and Virtual Body, Zeynep Akbal. Invited by researcher Annika Larsson. Location: Muralen (English)

14.00-15.30 Non-Knowledge, Laughter and the Moving Image presents: Film screening and discussion: The Color of My Brain by Annika Larsson + conversation with Isabel Gatzke and Zeynep Akbal. Artistic research project funded by the Swedish Research Council. Location: Muralen (English)

15.45-16.30 Presentation of new three-year artistic research project: Looking for Jeanne, Petra Bauer. Funded by the Swedish Research Council. Location: Muralen (English)

17.00-19.30 Lecture: Researching the Commons – Art Education and the Oceans, Koyo Kouoh. Stefanie Hessler introduces an exhibition with: Atif Akin, Lisa Rave and Sissel Tolaas. Location: Rutiga golvet (English)

Friday 25 January

09.30-12.00 Workshop: “These are scores…”, Irene Revell, invited by The Gender of Sound – Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie. Location: House 28 (English)

10.00 & 14.00 Workshop + film + food: Cadenas, introductory, Cristian Quinteros Soto. Location: Board room, level 4, main bulding (English) OSA:

13.00-14.30 Lecture: Vivian Wang and  Tarek Atoui about their collaboration on THE GROUND @ NTU CCA art space in Singapore and how it articulated composition, public and space in Singapore’s local context. Location: Muralen (English)

15.00-17.00 Workshop: The Glossary of the Event with Cara Tolmie, Aleksei Borisionok, Frida Sandström. Location: House 28 (English)

18.00-19.30 Seminar and Release of the Swedish art journal Paletten with contributions by Mattin, Moa Franzén, PETER, Max Ronnersjö, Olia Sosnovskaya and N.M.O, and others. Location: Rutiga golvet (English)

19.30-01.00 Research Week After Party in Galleri Mejan, Exercisplan 3. RSVP: Facebook

Muralen, KKH main building, Flaggmansvägen 1
Rutiga golvet, KKH main building, Flaggmansvägen 1
House 28, Holmamiralens torg 8 (behind the KKH main building)

Contact: Åsa Andersson, Research Coordinator,