Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Print disability

Do you have reading or writing disabilities?

Students at the Royal Institute of Art have the right to borrow, free of charge, specially adapted course literature during their time as students. You can read the literature as talking books, Braille books or e-textbooks. You can also download them to your computer or your telephone.

Please contact the Royal Institute of Art’s Library and we will apply for a user account for you at the MTM (the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media). We will help you to read the rules and create a borrowing membership. When this is done you will receive your log-in details to your e-mail address and then you will be able to access and the national talking book database Legimus.

If you need course literature that has not been recorded, you can order a new recording. This can be done at Legimus. Compendia, articles or chapter from books, we can record ourselves here at the Royal Institute of Art. Please contact your librarian for assistance.