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Let’s rethink research week!

For several years, the Royal Institute of Art has organized a research week where projects have been presented and discussed, guests have been invited, meetings have taken place and formats have been tested. This has been an important forum for establishing and making artistic research at the Royal Institute of Art visible. But over time, alongside the development of artistic research, it has become increasingly clear that we need to rethink the research week to make it relevant again with regards to the artistic research that is taking place right now.

Therefore, the Department of Research and Further Education in Architecture and Fine Art has been commissioned to continue the important work, initiated by the professor’s collegium in 2021, of developing a new format for the research week that will enable experimentation, exploration and in-depth study of themes and questions generated from within the research projects taking place at the art academy. Later this spring we will share our proposal with you.

Already now, however, we have identified that research needs to be more present and visible in everyday life at the academy, and we need to regularly make focused public touch downs where different themes can be discussed and developed. Instead of ONE research week, we will therefore in 2022 invite you to seminars, workshops, lectures and talks spread throughout the year taking existing research projects as a point of departure.

Among other things, we will hear more about Kajsa Dahlberg’s doctoral project, investigating ways in which nonhuman modes of life are embedded in human-generated manifestations of visual culture. We will also visit Marie-Louise Richard’s and Cathryn Klasto’s important project on the politics of citation. We will of course continue with the Higher seminar. On March 1st we will engage with the ongoing research project by  Camila Marambio and her collaborator Ariel Bustamante on the sonic architecture of an enchanted airship, Hol-Hol Tol. In April we will be in dialogue with DAAR – Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti – on Stateless heritage.

You are warmly invited to this year’s various research activities.

The Department for Research and Further Education in Architecture and Fine Art, via Petra Bauer, Head of Department.