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The Orientalism of the Casbah of Algiers

Casbah of Algiers - March 2019 Mouna Abdelkadous

Project leader: Mouna Abdelkadous (2019-) Casbah: Orientalism as an architectural practice ‘The Casbah is by definition a citadel, a fortress. …


Anna Knappe, Afghanistan 100: The first 100 images of Google search for Afghanistan

Project leader: Anna Knappe (2019-)  “The research project and film Warland investigates how violent images affect the people who participate …

My Friend is Here:
On Feminist Pedagogies, Curating and Other Forms of Living in The Feminine Plural

Waterfall 7, Performance av Anne Naukkarinen och Maarit Mustonen,'In Waves', Hanaholmen Cultural Centre, november 2018

Project leader: Carlota Mir Co-applicant: Hannah Ohtonen, Selina Väliheikki + Anna Jakobsson and Marta Forsberg (2019-) ‘‘My Friend is Here’ …

Synonyms for Shelter

House, frå 52 Synonyms for Shelter, Hannah Clarkson, 2018

Project leader: Hannah Clarkson. Co-applicant: Esther de Groot (2019-) ‘In a time of migration, individualism, and a mass seeking for …

Royal Institute of Art Degree Show 2019

This year’s edition of the Royal Institute of Art’s Degree Show will be in two places as last year; the …

Map on the Politics of Space

Map on the Politics of Space

Project leader: Tatiana Letier Pinto. Co-applicants: Astrid Eriksson and Tove Möller (2018-) ’Map on the Politics of Space is a …

Call for applications: three courses in architecture

Concrete Tent, Abu Dhabi 2017.

The application opens April 8. Last day to apply to current courses in Architecture is May 8, at 1pm, 2019. Negotiating …

Pushing Boundaries: New Forms of Sculpture with Marcia Kure – Guest professor at KKH in February 2019

Marcia Kure lives (b. 1970, Nigeria) and works in the United States and Nigeria. Trained at the University of Nigeria, …

After Work: Music/Live Art/Performance/Artistic Research 

Bild: Åsa Andersson Broms

Saturday 30th of March 2019 19:00 – 24:00 at Fylkingen (Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, 104 62 Stockholm) An evening with performance, …

Seeking two professors: Professor in Art Theory and History of Ideas of Art; Professor in Artistic Research / Artistic Research Leader

The Royal Institute of Art in the center of Stockholm is Sweden’s oldest and largest institution of higher learning for …

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