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Isabel Lewis

Photo by Isabel Lewis. Courtesy of The Artist.

Isabel Lewis: Unambitious Stripper

In this workshop Isabel Lewis shares ideas around sociality and embodiment in dialogue with participants. Lewis will introduce feminist sociologist Roslyn Bologh’s notion of “erotic sociability” as a form of interhuman sociality and guide a conversation about this as an alternative to the dominant 20th century relational modes of competition, conflict, and coercion.

This workshop will then focus on the tuning and heightening of the senses in order to facilitate a state of hyper-presence that will be the aid towards generative and affective forms of being and dancing together.

Trained in literary criticism, dance and philosophy, Isabel Lewis works on the aesthetics of the experiential, creating spaces of sociable encounter between human and nonhuman agents in the format she has named the ‘hosted occasion’. Her occasions, described as celebratory meetings of things, people, plants, music, smells and dances, give rise to a heightened experience of sociality where the sensual and the intellectual are inseparable.