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Astrid Braide Eriksson

Warm welcome to Astrid Braide Eriksson’s degree show at Galleri Mejan, the Royal Institute of Art’s student gallery.

Opening hours:
Mon–Fri 12.00–18.00
Sat–Sun 12.00–17.00
Friday 28 January 17.00–21.00

The exhibition runs from 28 January–6 February.

Astrid Braide Eriksson:
“The tongue is a little member, but boast of great things”

The corner of Handelsbanken’s headquarters is a square-like place. Here the sidewalk is wide, creating a roomier space than the usual pathway. On the sidewalk stands modern public benches, facing the water and the sightseeing boats leaving for the archipelago.

The silent screens in Handelsbanken’s windows integrate into the surrounding public space. Behind the sandblasted glass with a pattern of stripes in different thickness, like a bar code, a 21st century office landscape is visible. Details in beech tree and aluminium table legs.

The public benches on the sidewalk are inconspicuously crouching down, a bended knee waiting for a sitter.

The exhibition takes its starting point in a text called the Dialogue of the Exchequer. It was written approximately 1180, at a time when one homogenous currency had recently been introduced in England. In it a master explains to his disciple how the economic system work by describing the court of the exchequer, the tax court at this time.

The scene is set around a table, covered with a chequered cloth. Hands move objects over the surface, touching. Around this table, officials are placed. Each one has a task, a position on the scene.

It is a pleasure to play the fool.