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Graduation Show BFA


21/5–6/6 2021

Exhibiting students: Aron Agélii, Mattias Andersson, Sarali Borg, Ester Eriksson, Simon Ferner, Lucia Flores, Django Giambanco, Joakim Havaas, Joachim Himmelstrup, Anna Kilander, Olga Krüssenberg, Linnea Lindberg, Linnéa Ndangoya Palmcrantz, Julius Nord, Lior Nønne Malue Hansen, Soni© Sagan, Anneli Ström Villaseca, Ebba Svensson, Alex Valijani

Marabouparken Konsthall
Löfströms allé 7–9


Must Remain Open at All Times, BFA Royal Institute of Art, 2021.


Anna Kilander: “Ungdomsskrämman
Field recording from Sibeliusgången 24 In Akalla. Once an hour during the exhibition a high frequent sound piece will play in the big exhibition space. The sound can be perceived as disturbing. The sound plays for 47 seconds.

Javier Alvarez Sagredo and Alex Valijani
Reading of Trauma, a long poem on the transformation of consciousness as conditioned by statelessness and violence, accompanied by a noise composition performed on electric guitar.

Olga Krüssenberg
Reading from the book Långsamt rör jag mig i din riktning, which is an extension of a film with the same title on view in the exhibition. The book is a means to construct a new document that contains more of a human life than what a medical journal ever can do.

Mattias Andersson: “bed”
Live singing to pre-recorded music. The artist is present during the opening hours of the days the performance is scheduled on.

Sonia Mohammadsdotter’s Tea Ceremony
Sonia Mohammadsdotter’s Tea Ceremony is an impact site-specific performance piece, choreographed for Sweden’s National Day. Welcome to SHEKARESTAN® fulfillment center, Sundbybattle.

Costume in collaboration with Andreas Sandberg.