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Mattias Andersson

Warmly welcome to Mattias Andersson’s graduation exhibition at Galleri Mejan 24 November – 3 December, opening on 24 November at 17-21.

HEAVENLY FATHER: Room for Parting – Bloodline’s End

‘Tis a pity no pet was present 
to consume your corpse
A possible positive purpose
In actuality you parted alone
one year ago
to be found by thy own parent

Cars were your passion;
a total of sixty
One more than
the number of years you could live
I can’t think of anything more tiresome
than exactly everything
that rolls on wheels

But my hands are your hands
You were ugly where I am ugly
We are unbearable

This bloodline must end
Not with a bang or a whimper
Nor with a slash or a crash
but a pledge’

Mattias Andersson (b. 1992) is an artist and musician, born and raised in Umeå. He has been studying at the Royal Institute of Art for nearly five years. He has previously exhibited in Umeå and Örnsköldsvik, as well as in Stockholm at venues such as Accelerator, Kummelholmen, ArtLab Gnesta, and Fylkingen.