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Nada Ali

The Making and Breaking of an Icon
Falling for the Narrative

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday: 12.00–18.00
Saturday–Sunday: 12.00–17.00
19 March: 17.00–21.00

19 March–28 March.

Nada Ali:

“In the absence of a grand narrative that promotes a savior or promises salvation and justice, one feels an urgent need to start writing one’s own reality. Diverse political, social, and religious groups used iconoclastic acts to protest undesired reality and announce aspired change. Iconoclasm is such an interesting act, I think, in both its contemporary and historical contexts. It creates an image that is more powerful than the one it has destroyed. Iconoclasts often leave traces of the destroyed image as a sign of its powerlessness: which paradoxically implies that the image played a certain role to them and that it was, in fact, a powerful image. Most iconoclast vandalizes images not to erase them but to deviate their meaning. The images are used to send a message. It’s a sense of construction and destruction intimately related.”

Nada Ali is a Syrian-born artist based in Stockholm. Currently an MFA student at the Royal Institute of Art. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus 2009, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, specialized in mural painting.