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Sarali Borg

What occupies me are events that happen independently: at different time periods, scale, and intervals.

In a solar storm, a highly active sun emits large quantity of charged particles. When these particles hit the earth’s magnetic field they are pulled and concentrated toward the poles. The particles transform in the atmosphere above the poles into the light phenomenon we call the northern light. If these storms are vast enough, they can disrupt and affect significant parts of today’s technology.

Even though they seem to have no relation to one another, I see these uncontrolled and unrelated events influence and cross each other’s paths.

The word and works as a connector that combines different sources of information to each other. And builds a bridge between what seems unrelated and obscure and connects them in new settings. And requires at least two inputs to function.

What interests me in these (for some) invisible actions that pass by unnoticed, is that if they are large enough they can have a major impact on our surroundings, how this increases our understanding of our environment and how everything is intertwined.

The collision of two massive bodies in space creates a wave that travels through all matter it encounters, which reacts by contracting and expanding. Only through scientific experiments and measurements can we establish and prove that a collision happened, otherwise it would have taken place by without ever being noticed.

I isolate these different and remote incidents that have been observed, detected, or recorded from their source. They are intertwined in a new context, at a new time spectrum in a new place, where these events are equated, amplified, and transformed into vibrations.

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