Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

KKH Spring Exhibition a success – more than 10,000 visitors


Foto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

The KKH Spring exhibition 2018 was held between 24 May – 7 June at the Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12 and the ABF-house, Sveavägen 41 in Stockholm. During the opening on May 24, over 2000 visitors came to the two exhibition venues.

In total, more than 10,000 people are estimated to have visited the KKH Spring Exhibition in one of the two premises during the two week period.
The BA Exhibition presented the work of the students who have completed the first three years of the five-year programme in fine arts, while the MA exhibition presented the work of the students who have completed the two-year master’s programme in fine arts. KKH offers a wide range of other advanced level courses for artists and architects. In addition to the exhibition of graduating programmes, exhibitions and open examinations of courses in fine arts and architecture were also presented.

“Do not miss KKH’s final exhibitions of master’s and graduate students’ work,” wrote Svenska Dagbladet, and found that this year’s exhibition was a “classic KKH-exhibition with a broad taste of different genres”. Read more on this link. (Swedish)

“They have in common a sharp look that does not count on anything and rarely gives anything back – but reads everything. We see it among younger authors and artists like Elis Burreau and Bunny Rogers (alumni 2017), as well as a host of graduation students. It’s the nineties ghost that goes through the exhibition room”, wrote Frida Sandström in Kunstkritikk. Read more on this link. (Swedish)