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Artistic Research and Development Projects

The Royal Institute of Art has during its history engaged with different forms of artistic research and development work. The aim is to experiment with the processes and possibilities for artistic formation and articulation that exist within, between and beyond fine art, architecture and conservation architecture.

The artistic research and development projects contribute to the educational programmes at the school through exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures and seminars. Projects are undertaken by faculty and students on the postgraduate level.

The Orientalism of the Casbah of Algiers

Casbah of Algiers - March 2019 Mouna Abdelkadous

Project leader: Mouna Abdelkadous (2019-) Casbah: Orientalism as an architectural practice ‘The Casbah is by definition a citadel, a fortress. …

Searching Power on the Collective Laugh

Stillbild, Un Mundo Feliz - Homenaje a la Comedia Ambulante trailer, 2012

Project leader: Oscar Lara (2017, 2019-) ‘Searching Power on the Collective Laugh aims to test the power of humour and …


Anna Knappe, Afghanistan 100: The first 100 images of Google search for Afghanistan

Project leader: Anna Knappe (2019-)  “The research project and film Warland investigates how violent images affect the people who participate …

My Friend is Here:
On Feminist Pedagogies, Curating and Other Forms of Living in The Feminine Plural

Waterfall 7, Performance av Anne Naukkarinen och Maarit Mustonen,'In Waves', Hanaholmen Cultural Centre, november 2018

Project leader: Carlota Mir Co-applicant: Hannah Ohtonen, Selina Väliheikki + Anna Jakobsson and Marta Forsberg (2019-) ‘‘My Friend is Here’ …

Synonyms for Shelter

House, frå 52 Synonyms for Shelter, Hannah Clarkson, 2018

Project leader: Hannah Clarkson. Co-applicant: Esther de Groot (2019-) ‘In a time of migration, individualism, and a mass seeking for …

Map on the Politics of Space

Map on the Politics of Space

Project leader: Tatiana Letier Pinto. Co-applicants: Astrid Eriksson and Tove Möller (2018-) ’Map on the Politics of Space is a …

Not valid as an ID card

Mourad Kouri, Ej giltigt som ID-kort

Project Leader: Mourad Kouri. Co-applicant: Alba Baeza (2018-) ‘In April 2017, we took part in a KKH research trip to Athens, …

Exchanging Letters as a Form of Resistance: or on how art can be used to express solidarity in thinking and practice

Project leader: Petra Bauer (2017-) ‘Exchanging Letters as a Form of Resistance: or on how art can be used to …

Var finns (foto) historia?

Project leader: Björn Larsson (2017-) ‘I want to initiate a project study on how and where knowledge of photographic history …

The Architecture of Bogdan Bogdanovic and the Iconographic Resistance to Balkanisation

Detail from the Partisan monumentet. Arkitekt: Bogdan Bogdanovic. oktober 2016.

Project leader: Peter Lang. Co-applicant: Daniel Urey (2017-) ‘R-Lab visited Mostar Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Fall of 2016, under a joint …

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