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Map on the Politics of Space

Tatiana Letier Pinto, Astrid Eriksson, Tove Möller

Map on the Politics of Space is a project that attempts to unveil hidden urban processes, and through that suggest action. It will focus on the space of our city and pose the question of which city we want to live in, and what is our agency in making that choice? Through interdisciplinary collaborations we will map the ownership of the built environment of Stockholm focusing on assets that belong to the American private equity firm Blackstone.

Over the period of two years, we will gather information to produce a creative map that unveils another layer of Stockholm’s built environment, creating a different narrative of the city. Mapping is a process that unveils facts, connects entities, and generates a space beyond physicality. Furthermore, while mapping, there is a reflection on the past, an analysis of the present, and a projection to possible futures. (2018)