Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Current Courses 2018-2019

Fine Arts studies at the Royal Institute of Art encourage critical thinking and practical experimentation with different artistic media and techniques. Students become familiarised and confident in reflexively working between and outside conventional frameworks of contemporary art production.

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The dynamic learning environment at the RIA involves a combination of mixed-year collective discussion and group critiques, individualised work in the studios and workshops, as well as practical and theoretical workshops, courses, seminars, public lectures and study trips. Exhibition making is an integral part of the education; students have the opportunity of exhibiting their work in the gallery of the RIA throughout different stages of their studies.

Students have access to excellent workshops led by highly skilled faculty in a range of fields, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, interactive systems, photography, digital media and video. All students are provided with a studio space for the full duration of their respective programmes.

Composing/Public/Space II

Bergen Perfomance 1 @ Bergen Assembly 2016 Thor Brødreskif

This course is cancelled In September 2018 the Royal Institute of Art, launched the new advanced level practice-based course Compoing/Public/Space, …

The Art of Restoration 2019-2020:
Structures of Democracy

Folkets hus i Malmö (1948). Arkitekt Hans Westman. Foto: Arna Ingers (Digitalt museum)

(60 ECTS-credits) The course starts in autumn, 2019. Last application date will be May 8 at 13.00. This course is …

Decolonizing Architecture: displacement, migration and colonial heritage

Concrete Tent, Abu Dhabi 2017.

Italian Ghosts, Venice Architectural Biennale, 2014, DAAR. The struggle of decolonization once primarily located outside of Europe, today has moved …

The Photographic Artist’s Book:
Dissemination in a Digital Landscape

Hundöron, ur serien Bokporträtt, Anna Henriksson

This course is a one-year full-time postgraduate course primarily for professional practitioners in the fields of art and photography. Through …

Marvels and Catastrophes: Architecture and Cities and the Force of Nature

NewOrleans, 2006, Peter Lang

‘Research-Lab’ is primarily designed for practitioners within the fields of architecture, design and the arts and who are interested in pursuing theory and practice based individual projects with a critical focus on urban and material culture. There are two components to the course: the first comprises regular lectures, group sessions and individual consultations with the professor designed to help advance each students’ individual research project. The second comprises a series of collective workshops designed to test concepts developed for institutional settings and public environments: this year the R-Lab institutional partner is Färgfabriken.

Project Studies for Professional Artists

Verk av Victora Verseau
Verk av Victora Verseau

Project studies in Fine Arts are part of the RIA’s selection of courses on the advanced level. The course is …

Materialities (transmission/translation)

The course Materialities will in an exploratory way put emphasis on experience and practical knowledge in the encounter with philosophical …

Critical Images

The Unknown Soldier, Abounaddara, 2012.

            The one-year post master course Critical Images invites you to engage in a universal …

Architectural Conservation

Foto: Riksantikvarieämbetet, Östra Stallet   Architectural preservation, academic year 2018/19 The periphery at the center. One block – five centuries …

Master Programme
in Fine Arts

, David Klasson. Masterexamensutställning på Galleri Mejan, läsåret 2017/18. Foto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

The MFA programme at the Royal Institute of Art focuses on the development of an independent and reflexive artistic work …

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