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Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts with a specialization in Art History

The plaster for the bronze castings of the lion and the boar in the new premises on Skeppsholmen, 1995.

The Royal Institute of Art conducts education and research in Fine Arts and Architecture, with a teaching staff of influential Swedish and multinational artists, theoreticians and architects. With its 230 students and 75 employees, the Royal Institute of Art offers a five-year program in Fine Arts and a two-year Master’s degree in Fine Arts, as well as post-Master’s courses for professional artists and architects. The Institute is at present in a stage of far-reaching evolution aimed at shaping the arts education of the future.  Our workplace is located on Skeppsholmen, in central Stockholm.

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In endorsement of this educational development, the Royal Institute of Art will establish a new organization with two departments starting 1 September 2021: the Department of Program Education in Fine Arts and the Department of Research and Postgraduate Education in Architecture and Fine Arts. The position of Lecturer will be appointed to the future Department of Program Education in Fine Arts.  

Key Accountabilities

The position involves teaching and supervision in art history with an emphasis on the art and culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and their issues and influences on contemporary art fields. Teaching is primarily at the entry level but may, in consultation with the department head and colleagues, be directed to other courses, programs and levels outside of the home department. Accountabilities include lectures, seminars, course development, individual supervision and joint work at the Institute. Research, external monitoring and networking within the subject area are also important, as well as working for common issues at the Institute. It is critical that you are able work through theoretical problems with students, based on their artistic work, with an interesting and engaging approach.


Eligible as Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts includes those who have:

  • attained a doctoral degree or have the equivalent knowledge/artistic skills
  • demonstrated pedagogical skills
  • demonstrated artistic skills or possess some craftsmanship relevant to the subject matter or work assignments required by the position

The Royal Institute takes particular account of artistic skills. Artistic skill is demonstrated through well-documented activities such as criticism, journalism or curation at an advanced level in a field of art.

The scrutiny of pedagogical skills shall be given as much consideration as that of other conditions of eligibility. The Royal Institute takes particular account of a high degree of pedagogical skill. 

Pedagogical skills include:

  • a good ability to develop and deliver quality teaching at foundational and advanced levels
  • a good ability to stimulate and develop student learning

The concept pedagogical skill also embraces pedagogical engagement.

Points of Assessment

For this position, the following points of assessment have been included:

  • Suitable, documented knowledge of art history
  • A writing practice in art or art history that shows understanding of the relationship between text and artistic practice
  • Good insight and knowledge of contemporary international and Nordic art and architecture
  • The ability to interact with the surrounding community
  • Competencies in administration, planning and collaboration
  • Suitable skills in Swedish, or other Scandinavian language, as well as spoken and written English.


The application, which should be in English, shall be made through the Institute’s web-based recruitment tool Varbi. The application must be completed in time for the closing date. It is your responsibility as applicant to document your qualifications in a manner that allows for an objective, qualitative assessment. Your application should include:

  • a description of your specific skills and specialties in subject area and research interests (max 3 A4, 12 pt.)
  • a confirmed CV, stating the scope of your artistic skills and pedagogical activities
  • a description of your pedagogical approach and values and examples of a relevant course structure that you would like to develop (max 2 A4, 12 pt.)
  • three references with contact information, at least one of which affirms your pedagogical skills

The Royal Institute of Art aims to make the most of a workplace promoting gender equality and ethnic and cultural diversity, and welcomes applicants who contribute to this.


Employment is time-limited as defined by HF kap 4 10 §, at 75% of full-time with access by agreement. It includes joint work within the university and administration. An incomplete application will not be considered and cannot be completed after the closing date. 

For more information, call Björn Larsson, 076-850 12 36. For information on the general terms of employment, call our HR consultant Linda Aalto, 079-063 12 05.

Union representatives Åsa Andersson (SACO) and Göran Svenborn (ST) can be reached at 08-614 40 00.

We welcome your application no later than 11 June 2021, marked with the registration number: 2.4.1/2021:95