Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Audio and Video Suites

Ar Parmacek, Student in Fine Art (2015).

Ar Parmacek, Student in Fine Art (2015).

The Audio and Video Suites cater to the requirements of art students in the fields of moving image and sound. Expertise include film making and animation, dramaturgy and editing, video installations with interactive elements and/or multichannel setups as well as sound mixing, working with MIDI, sequencers and other types of audio recordings and post-production.


Introductory courses in camcorder handling, editing, colour correction/grading, compositing as well as mixing and post-production in sound are offered in the month of October. Software environments covered include: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Nuke (The Foundry), Cubase, Ableton and Pro Tools. Depending on the overall scheduling of the Royal Institute of Art, as well as student demand, the courses in November and/or February further explore After Effects and Nuke. Other courses include lighting for video, and producing interactive video, video as a real-time medium as well as video for the web (HTML5 Video + Java script).

During spring term a series of OpenLabs are offered consisting in one-day courses and workshops. The areas covered are entirely based on student demand. They usually include software for live visual performance (VJing) and video mapping, DaVinci Resolve for grading and hardware hacking (Digital Photo Frames for video playout options).

At least one long-term conceptual course is offered each year, examining specific topics in relation to moving image media through the prism of film theory, dramaturgy and semiotics. Previous courses include: ‘Propaganda and Film’, ‘Political Correctness 2.0’ and ‘Putting Religion & Revolution into Motion’.

Teaching staff

Mikael Beckman-Thoor, Lecturer in Fine Art with specialization in Video

Robert Brečević, Lecturer in Fine Art with specialization in Video

Facilities and Equipment