Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Digital Darkrooms: Digital Reproduction Technologies

The digital darkrooms provide possibilities to pursue a workflow from scanning/digital image file to print-ready PDFs for books or mounted print-outs for exhibitions, etc. The digital darkrooms are located within a controlled environment with screens, viewing lighting etc, which are calibrated and follow international printing industry standards. This means that one has full control over the workflow and the expected outcome. To gain access to the workshops students must attend a brief introductory course. Print-out material can be purchased at the Storage for Technical Equipment.


Print-outs, 2D scanning, digital image processing and mounting of print-outs.


Photoshop and prepress. Workflows for images for printing, web and print-outs.

In Design, basic course.

Introductory courses to printers and scanners (ca 2 hours) offered throughout the year.

Lectures and seminars pertaining to the areas covered by the workshops. For example: publicists, photographers/artists, Artist’s books (the course The Photographic Artist’s Book: Capture and Disseminate, including many lectures related to the area of study is offered during the academic year 2015-2016).

Teaching staff

Carl Johan Erikson, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art.





Mounting machine