Alice Miceli, In Depth (landmines) – Bosnian series. Location: ’Obudovac-Branica 5’ in the mine-affected community of Obudovac, in the Samac municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alice Miceli (Mejan Resident) in discussion with Matts Leiderstam (artist, Stockholm). Moderated by Nina Möntmann (Prof. of Art Theory and the History of Ideas, RIA).
Open Seminar: 3 May at 15.30-16.30 in House 28
’Photography is inherently a formal practice. The capturing of an image – no matter how seemingly intuitive – is bound to system involving matters of light, framing, movement and the suggestion of space. For the last years Alice Miceli has been photographing an ongoing series of post-conflict areas where landmines play an invisible yet all-determining role. Therefore the system that she has bound herself to through her choice of medium is made even more exponential by the way in which she must organise the physical presence of her gaze in direct relationship to her obscured subject matter. The images she takes are together a choreography of (literal) steps around these landscapes of potential disaster; each containing the beauty of its surface as well as concealment of its dormant destruction.’ / Huib Haye van der Werf, artistic director, Jan van Eyck Academie.
In Depth (landmines) – Bosnian series has been developed with support from RIA in Stockholm in the framework of the Mejan Residents programme and the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, with logistic help from the Norwegian People’s Aid Humanitarian Disarmament Campaign in BiH.
In Depth (landmines) – Bosnian series consists of nine 70cm x 100cm pigment prints on Hahnemühle Matte Paper.