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Guest Studies (60 ECTS credits)

Students in colleges that we do not have exchange agreements with, or applicants who have recently graduated from equivalent university education, can apply to the Royal Institute of Art as a guest student in fine arts.

The Guest students course is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits that can be used towards a degree, although the course does not grant a degree in itself. Application is made by 6–8 digital work samples and a Letter of Intent.

Facts about studies in Fine Arts for Guest students:

· Application deadline: 1 April.

· Where to apply: Online at our website

· Requirements: Ongoing studies in fine arts at a non-Swedish higher educational institution, or recently finished studies

· ECTS credits: 60

· Length of the course: 1 year

· Teaching language: English


Finance, Fees and Accommodation

Admission and tuition fees apply for students from countries outside the EU/EEA. The tuition fee at the Royal Institute of Art is 322 487 SEK per academic year and the admission fee is 900 SEK. The Royal Institute of Art can assign scholarships covering the tuition fee to a limited number of students. The application is made through the digital application for the course or programme. The costs of living need to be covered by the students themselves. International students who have been accepted to a course or study programme in Sweden must show financial means of support during study time to the immigration authorities in order to obtain a study visa.



How to pay the application fee to KKH

to Guest studies the academic year 2020/21.


Finding accommodation in Stockholm can be a challenge. For this reason, the Royal Institute of Art has partnered with to make sure you can book your room with priority and in complete safety. Only if you successfully find a room, a small booking fee will be charged. You can also use HousingAnywhere to offer your room to an incoming student during your time abroad. In this way, you avoid paying double rent, and can move back into your place upon your return. Signing up with the link below, you will receive priority access to all rooms available.

Sign up here to receive a KKH VIP profile and priority access to the listings:–Sweden/the-royal-institute-of-art/sign-up For more information contact