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Welcome to The Royal Institute of Arts library Here you will find a rich assortment of literature that relates to topics that are discussed in the school. The library is situated in the main building, floor 5. Return your books in the library or in the return box at the reception, ground floor.

To be able to use our services you need a library account. Apply for library account via this link!

Search for books, periodicals or in databases via this link!


Opening hours
To be sure to meet staff working at the library:
Tuesdays 10-16
Wednesdays 13-19
Thursdays 10-16

Student and staff have access to the library Monday to Sunday between 07:00 and 22:00, with their keycard and can check out books through the lending machine. For external visitors, please

email before visiting:

0707 83 63 84

Databases at KKH
KKH has subscriptions for a number of databases where students can search for images, articles in full text or as references:

Print disability
Do you have reading or writing disabilities?

Students at the Royal Institute of Art have the right to borrow, free of charge, specially adapted course literature during their time as students. You can read the literature as talking books, Braille books or e-textbooks. You can also download them to your computer or your telephone.

Please contact the Royal Institute of Art’s Library and we will apply for a user account for you at theMTM (the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media). We will help you to read the rules and create a borrowing membership. hen this is done you will receive your log-in details to your e-mail address and then you will be able to access and the national talking book database Legimus.

If you need course literature that has not been recorded, you can order a new recording. This can be done at Legimus. Compendia, articles or chapter from books, we can record ourselves here at the Royal Institute of Art. Please contact your librarian for assistance.

Lending rules
Who can borrow? Everyone is welcome to borrow circulating material from the library.

What can I borrow? Everything except current course literature and the newest edition of a journal.

Can I borrow material from other libraries? Yes! Books not available at the Royal Institute of Art’s Library can be located from other libraries. This service is available for the Royal Institute of Art’s students, teachers and staff.

How do I borrow? First, you need to register as a library user, either directly in the library (bring an ID!) or through our local catalogue. Your librarian will instruct you in lending procedures.

For how long can I borrow library material? Lending time is 30 days with the possibility to renew a loan. You are responsible for the material you borrow during this time, and lost material will be fined.

How do I return material? Leave returned material to your librarian or in the locked shelf in the staircase outside the library.

Book a librarian
The service Book a Librarian is available to students and staff of the Royal Institute of Art.

For one hour a librarian will show you how to conduct advanced searches and give you tips for different search techniques in order to locate books, articles or other materials in your subject, e.g. in conjunction with your essay composition, project work or similar. Book through email,

Suggest a purchase
The library welcomes suggestions for purchases. Submit your suggestion for purchase by email,, and include as much information about the title as possible (author, publisher, ISBN number, etc.). Please notify us if you want to be placed in the hold queue for an eventual purchase.