Marcia Kure at Konstakademien

The Royal Institute of Art regularly invites leading artists to give students more perspectives and opportunities to meet new art practices. As part of this effort, the school welcomed the profiled artist Marcia Kure as a new visiting professor earlier this year. During February, Kure worked with the school’s students on the Pushing Boundaries: New Forms of Sculptures course to explore and seek to broaden the idea of ​​what defines sculpture art. This fall, after participating in this summer’s international group exhibition at Wanås Art, Kure takes over where her former colleague, Peter Geschwind, professor of sculpture, left with the exhibition Haunted House: A Trailer at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Date: 12 october–17 november
Place: Östra Galleriet, Konstakademien
Curator: Sara Arrhenius

With Geschwind, this spring the school launched a series of public presentations of its research: an internship-based scientific work that works with the different parts and conditions of the artist, which often tests and extends accepted boundaries. The research, unlike much else, provides an opportunity for deeper reflection. This seeking approach fits Marcia Kure’s recurring theme: the transformation. In Wanås, her approach resulted in malleable, textile sculptures that landed high among the crowns of trees. The use of compliant materials, often clearly contrasted with something directly foreign, can also be found in Kure’s earlier works and sculptures. Among other things, she has been interested in prevailing agreements in clothing and fashion – here fabric and fur are linked together to seductive figures.

In Kure’s exhibition at the Academy of Art we meet an investigative artist who, with words taken from this summer’s exhibition in Wanås, “mixes material from research, Disney, soft toys and wild hair; there is a closeness to everyday life and popular culture. “

Marcia Kure studied at the University of Nigeria and is also an alumni of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. In addition to exhibitions in Nigeria, Germany, the Netherlands, England and the United States, her work has been exhibited at La Triennial, Paris (2013), International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Seville (2006) and Sharjah International Biennale (2005).