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Meeting points: Research Week 2020

The Royal Institute of Art’s Research Week 2020 concluded on 25 January. Attending altogether 9 events over the course of 4 days visitors had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the variety and depth of the Royal Institute of Art’s fields of research. Participating researchers shared their experiences from ongoing national and international artistic research processes and fostered generous and collective conversations alongside exchanges of knowledge.

Presentations were made by the researchers: Filippa Arrias, Mara Lee, Carl Johan Erikson, Björn Larsson, and Annika Larsson (all funded by the Swedish Research Council); the PhD candidates Melanie Gilligan (KKH/Stockholm University of the Arts) and Oscar Lara; two artistic research and development projects run by Benas Gerdziunas, Tatiana Letier Pinto together with Astrid Eriksson and Tove Möller; participants in the postmaster course Decolonizing Architecture led by Alessandro Petti and Marie-Louise Richards.

Guests engaged in the programme included: Reader in Theatre and Performance Studies, Kélina Gotman, Photographer Heléne Schmitz, Historian of Ideas and Human Ecologist Per Johansson, the former total conscientious objector Bengt Andersson, Per Hasselberg from Konstfrämjandet, People’s Movements for Art Promotion, Researcher Mansi Kashatria from Konsthall C, and Eva Kaneteg from The Swedish Union of Tenants in Husby.

Presentations ranging across a multitude of formats and forms of expression included film screenings, readings, workshops, performances, a multi-media archive, lecture, a book release of a publication and interview, street theatre with comedians from Lima, Peru, and a bus tour.

For more information about the content, see the catalogue.

The Royal The Royal Institute of Art’s research department would like to thank participants and visitors alike for their contributions, insights, thoughts and curiosity.