On initiative by Vice-Chancellor, Sara Arrhenius, we’re now opening the new place Rutiga golvet which will be a meeting place for theory and practise, a workshop for thoughts. The Art Institute has invited Kim West, Lars Bang Larsen and Stefanie Hessler to create a program series for theoretical reflection and speculation. 
The meeting place, Rutiga golvet, aims to link teaching in art theory, publication and exhibition production, seminars and the construction of a micro library. Rutiga golvet should be a place where theory meets practice.
What happens on Rutiga golvet will interact with the Institute’s education and the student’s work in order to provide an opportunity for a meeting between the theory and practice of art.
The exact place of Rutiga golvet was in the early 70’s the location of the legendary experimental department of Moderna museet where key exhibitions for the Swedish alternative movement where carried out.
Sara Arrhenius has had the pleasure of inviting Kim West, critic, Lars Bang Larsen, curator and Stefanie Hessler, curator, to run the program series.
The trio presents: E2 – E4 – a program series for theoretical reflection, speculation and experimentation.
The title refers to the most common opening move in chess, the one that sets the game in motion.
“Theory” is here conceived not as academic superstructure or epistemic authority, but as orientation, as that first grasp of our own situation, and of its location in a wider system, network, or totality, which may allow us to begin, to go from the disorientation of undefined possibility to the provisional determination of practice.
Theory, from theorein, that is, seeing: accordingly, E2–E4 will pursue a theoretical approach through an attention to the possibilities of visual display. The program will explore the use values of the exhibition as a critical information system, in the service of education, aesthetic experience, and public dissemination.

During the fall of 2017 we will have the opportunity to meet amongst others: Jesper Olsson, Ingela Johansson, Clara Schulmann and Benjamin Thorel, Peter Lang and Alessandro Petti apart from the three creators of the program.

We now wish you welcome to the first session of the program series:
Thursday September 28 at 17.00 at the Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1.
Kim West, “Pattern and Contradiction: Two Legacies of the Screen Exhibition”
Lars Bang Larsen “Social movement. Histories of the Screen Exhibition”
The session will be followed by a talk and a bar will open with DJ Decline of the West
Read more about the program for Sept 28 here

Photo: Christian Nyampeta, ”Alexis Kagame’s The Bantu-Rwandan Philosophy of Being and the Problem of Translatability”, Rutiga Golvet, September 2017.