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Welcome to an Open Presentation by the course Critical Images May 16 where  the students will present their projects, a publication and hold a Fishbowl conversation.
Representations, Interrupted
Critical Images is a post master course at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, where professionals in different disciplines come together to build a knowledge on how to work with images in a dignified and ethical way.
Throughout the year, and with the contribution from philosophers, linguists, lawyers, art historians and filmmakers, we have been working with the concept of the right to the image in an image saturated culture. The aim is to find ways to move forward as visual arts practitioners, implement the knowledge gathered throughout two semesters and finally to open the dialogue with the broader public.
May 16, kl 5-9pm at Galleri Mejan we invite you to this dialogue, Fishbowl conversation*.
5pm Opening & Introduction by Katarina Nitsch
5.15-6.30pm  Critical Images Fishbowl Conversation*:  Dignity? – strategies to avoid stereotypes, victimization and othering in image-making
Participants: Martina Anagnostou, Melanie Aronson, Hillevi Duus, Love Ekenberg, Maia Gusberti, Angelica Harms, Tinna Joné, Helene Larsson Pousette, Thuy Nguyen, Johanna Schartau, Andrej Slávik, Ioana Turcan, Julia Varela, Lea Vene, Anna Weitz, Daniel Yencken, Daphne Keramidas
Kursledare: Katarina Nitsch, konstnär och lektor vid Kungl. Konsthögskolan
*An Fishbowl Conversation is a learning conversation in front of an audience. There is no moderator and the participants speak from their own interest and experience.