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The Royal Institute of Arts Premises


The main Building

Inside of the main building you will find rutiga golvet and mellanrummet.

The meeting place, Rutiga golvet, links teaching in art theory, publication and exhibition production, seminars and the construction of a micro library. Rutiga golvet is a place where theory meets practice.

What happens on Rutiga golvet interacts with the Institute’s education and the student’s work in order to provide an opportunity for a meeting between the theory and practice of art.

The exact place of Rutiga golvet was in the early 70’s the location of the legendary experimental department of Moderna museet where key exhibitions for the Swedish alternative movement where carried out.

The project space of the Royal Institute of Art located in the main building. of the Royal Institute of Art



Mindepartementet on Skeppsholmen with its 500 square meter will, serve as a home for a new platform consisting on moving images, photo, and sound at the Royal Institute of Art. With the new premises, the school can now develop a new educational model at the Royal Institute of Art.

Here the new platform for moving image, photo and sound will take place, and at the same time develop the teaching by more clearly connecting workshops with the teaching. In the long term, the ambition is to create a cluster of moving images, photos and sounds that engage and involve other parties outside the university. One of the driving forces of the School of Fine Arts will be Petra Bauer, professor of free art specialization in motion picture, The Royal Institute of Art.


Coming soon

Galleri Mejan

Galleri Mejan is an experimental art space run by the Royal Institute of Art for the benefit of its students. The gallery exhibits the Master Degree Solo Shows in fine arts. As part of their course, students are responsible for montage and installation of their own exhibitions. A critical seminar, led by the student’s supervisor, is held in conjunction with each exhibition.

Current examination exhibitions with MFA Students
(Exhibition Openings are on Fridays at 17.00-21.00)
Adress: Exercisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

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13 september – 22 september: Marta Hammarberg

27 september – 6 oktober: Victora Verseau & Mercedes Ardelius Blane

11 oktober – 20 oktober: Fathia Mohidin & Tora Wallander

25 oktober – 3 november: Izabel Färnstöm & Adrian Olas

8 november – 17 november: Roger Smeby

22 november – 1 december: Adam Gustafsson & Johannes Hägglund

6 december – 15 december: Anna Pajak & Valentine Isæus Berlin


24 januari – 2 februari: Ernst Skoog & Amanda Hellsten

7 februari – 16 februari: Mary Furniss & Filip Klintner

21 februari – 1 mars: Salad Hilowle & Anton Brolin

20 mars – 29 mars: Jesper OT Andersson & Monika Milivojevic

3 april – 12 april: Eugene Sundelius von Rosen & Tora Schultz Larsen

17 april – 26 april: Francine Agbodjalou & Jin Mustafa

28 april – 10 maj: Karolina Brobäck & Lap-see Lam