10°C: A Macroscopic Exploration

Project leader: Carl Johan Erikson (2014-2016)

’The Macroscopic scale is used in physics to describe the world when the objects or processes are of the size that they are measurable, observable and visible. In relation to phenomena and abstract things ”The Macroscopic scale” could describe the world as we experience it. The project aims to confront my own conceptions, myths and existential anxiety connected to nature in an age of global warming. The physical starting point for the project is the constructed Biotest lake, located in Forsmark archipelago in northern Uppland, Sweden. The lake receives the heated cooling water from the Forsmark nuclear power plant. The water is then 10°C warmer than normal and affects the biotope in the lake in a subtle way.’

The Biotest lake, Forsmark © Carl Johan Erikson

The Biotest lake, Forsmark © Carl Johan Erikson