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External Research Funding: For those who are interested in a potential collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art (such as artistic research funding applications made to the Swedish Research Council), the following applies: Make contact with Research Coordinator Åsa Andersson by 15 October for more information. This date concerns applications that are intended to be submitted to the funding body the following spring.

Collaborations concerning doctoral studies: The Royal Institute of Art discusses such enquiries from existing PhD candidates at other higher educational institutions twice a year: 30 April and 31 October. Please contact the Research Coordinator at the Royal Institute of Art well in advance.

The Royal The Royal Institute of Art will make a quality assessment based on the research project’s topic and the initial doctoral application (for those enrolled at another institution), work samples, CV, plans for funding, and institutional aspects.

Download guidelines for what material is requested for such an enquiry he
. Contact: Research CoordinatorÅsa Andersson